Our Prices

Standard service: £35

▪︎Brakes and gears checked and adjusted as necessary, 

▪︎tyre pressures checked adjusted, 

▪︎chain lubricated.
Price includes minor adjustments and external lubrication only.
Does not include any cleaning, degreasing or any parts fitting or adjustments. For cleaning you will need to book in for a premium or gold Service

Premium Service:£65

▪︎Chain cassette degrease and relubrication 

▪︎Brakes and gears checked and adjusted

▪︎brake and gear cables lubricated, 

▪︎brake arms lubricated 

▪︎derailleur pivots lubricated, 

▪︎tyre pressures adjusted, 

▪︎wheel bearings checked for play & adjusted as necessary.

▪︎headset and bottom bracket checked and adjusted if necessary. 

Price includes Includes fitting replacement parts where required

Gold Service: £85 Everything in the premium service plus, 

▪︎bike wash 

▪︎chain and cassette removed from bike and thoroughly degreased and lubricated 

▪︎Front and rear mechs/dérailleurs removed, thoroughly cleaned, checked for wear and lubricated

▪︎Gear cable inners and outers replaced 

▪︎Brake cable inners replaced as necessary 

▪︎wheel alignment checked & spoke tension adjusted as necessary, 
Price includes new gear cables inners and outers where required.
Price includes fitting new parts, ie: chain, chain rings, crank, dérailleurs, brake parts and brake pads.Price does not include new brake cablesPrice does not include new replacement parts Cost of new brake pads and other parts are not included in service cost. 

Platinum service: £125 Everything from all other services plus

▪︎Complete strip and disassembly of the full bike down to the frame and fork. 

▪︎All nuts and bolts removed from frame cleaned,regreased and refitted 

▪︎All fasteners and fittings removed from frame, checked regreased and refitted.

▪︎All brake and gear cables inners and outers  replaced.

▪︎Headset checked cleaned regreased and reassembled 

▪︎Bottom bracket disassembled cleaned checked reassembled.

Price includes New replacement loose bearingsPrice includes new brake and gear cables inner and outerPrice does not include cartridge bearings or price of replacement new bottom bracket or new parts.